What I Wore Week 1

So after weeks and weeks and weeks of looking at everyone else’s What I Wore posts (my faves?  Emily from Jones Design Company and Kelley Blake from The Eclectic Owl), I decided it was more than time for me to join the linky party!

So here we go.  This Lil’ Birdie’s What I Wore Wednesday Week #1 (Forgive the crappy pictures; I don’t have a fancy camera!)

I think this was Monday of last week…

(Umm, okay, sorry for the mess on the floor! and for the seriously creepy face. I hate self-portraits)

Shirt: French Connection from Belk (I think?)
Skirt: J. Crew
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Tights: Target (I cut the feet off cause they itched)
Last Tuesday…
(Wow… again with the mess…. I’ll fix this, promise!)
Undershirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans: J & Company
Scarf: The Limited
Bracelet (if you can even see it): from my Grandmother’s jewelry box
Ring: found it for $2 at apparel market in Atlanta when we were shopping for “baby things” for the store!
No pictures from Wednesday — it was my day off!!
Last Thursday…
(Okay, so I moved the mirror and now you can see my pile o’ hangers. Gotta fix this NOW!)
Undershirt:  Pretty Ruffled Tank from Banana Republic Outlet
Sweater: The Limited (someday I’ll tell you the story of how this sweater came into my possession…)
Black Jean Leggings: 
1. I refuse to call them “jeggings” (I cringe at that word)
2. Old Navy has the best jean leggings ever.  So comfortable!  
Black boots: your guess is as good as mine.  Probably eBay?
Earrings: The Limited
(Maybe if I actually took the time to blow dry my hair I wouldn’t have to wear it up so much… ugh…)
Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft (on super mega sale for $4!  Who cares if it’s a size too big?!)
Shirt: French Connection from Belk
Jeans: Adriano Goldschmied (AG jeans) from Sister
Shoes:  Umm… Can’t read the brand, but I bought them at Dillards years ago!
Flower pin:  I made it!  Find the tutorial here

Tuesday I was sick and I’m not mean enough to post a picture of the horribleness I was while sleeping on the couch.  So yeah.  And I’m sick again today, and wearing the same thing as yesterday, so once again, no pictures.
And there’s that.  My first What I Wore Wednesday week.  It excites me to say I only wore jeans 2 times this week (even though I didn’t count weekends or jean leggings).  YAY!  Let’s see if I can make this next week better!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy 🙂


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