Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes, I may be a day or two (or three) later than most, but I figure January 3rd rounds back to January 1st, right?

I decided to share my “resolutions” with you this year because I am all for some accountability and by putting them here, This Lil Birdie will have to actually hold myself to doing then right. So here goes…

1. Blog 2 or more times per week.
This is a win for both of us! I get to share my silly lil’ thoughts and you’ll get fun tutorials, recipes, and pictures! Aren’t you excited?!?! {you should be}

2. Exercise.
Generalize much? Well, I’ll get more specific. My goal is to move for more than 30 minutes more than 3 times a week. Move. Walk. Run. P90x. Whatever. Just move.

3. Budget & save.
I’m pretty much a shop-a-holic that likes expensive things. This is not very good for my credit cards or my bank account.  So after a year and a half of big girl bills, I’ve finally made a budget and my resolution is to stick to it and SAVE!  Good luck to me but it’s probably going to mean more did-it-myself tutorials for you!

So that’s that. My 2011 game plan. Hold me accountable & I’ll be sure to reward you with fun posts at least 2 times a week 🙂

Happy 2011 everyone!! What are your goals for this year? Do you set goals you know you can reach or do you set unattainable goals?


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