My New Child

I am so excited to introduce you to the newest member of my little household.

No, it’s not another puppy.  The boyfriend would probably have a conniption fit because he doesn’t much like the one I already have…

Hi Puppy!

But that’s not my story.  I have a new family member.  Her name shall be Susanne.  Because she’s a sewing machine and I like to name things…

Isn’t Susanne pretty?  She may not be the highest quality machine out there, but she’s a hard worker.  And let’s be honest, after the last one breaking every 5 stitches, anything that works is accepted around here.

I’m very excited to get started on some new projects I’ve been working on!  Like this ruffled tree skirt from Prudent Baby 

Or perhaps I’ll start with a skirt for myself from Stop Staring and Start Sewing

Or maybe I’ll just figure out how to use this thingiemadoo…

It’s called a ruffler foot and it’s mine all mine all mine thanks to the sweet boyfriend a little holiday we like to call Valentine’s Day… yep, this was my present.  I’m very excited.

He got this…

Captains of Crush

No, really.  That’s what he wanted so that’s what he got.  Seriously, could we be more gender stereotype specific?

Anywho, off to go play with the newest member of the family… I’ll be sure to share whatever it is I make or make a mess of!


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