Obsessed: Phone Cases

So… I have a confession… I am absolutely obsessed with new phone cases.

I started with this one…

Speck Case for iPhone4 (Darkest Tartan Plaid)

Then Apple gave us all free phone cases so I got this one…

Apple iPhone4 Bumper in Pink

And then I decided I needed another one because this one didn’t “protect” enough (aka: I’m extremely clumsy and dropped my phone a LOT!) so I got this one…

Speck iPhone4 CandyShell in Black

But these are all so boring…and… well, functional.  I wanted something more fun.  

So I set out to find a phone cover that was pretty 🙂
At first I thought I liked this one…
DSStylesTiki Turquoise iPhone4 Case
But then I thought I’d get sick of the color (even though it really is pretty).
So then I fell in love with this one…
DsStyles Abstract Series Pink iPhone4 Case
And while I still love this lovely albeit garrishly loud phone case, this one stole my heart (along with my wallet)…
Barcelona Tech Candy iPhone 4 Case 
Wait… wait… it gets better…
Yep, it comes with TWO inner cases and the cute little outer case…

I LOVE !!   Get one for yourself 🙂

P.s. Tech Candy has no idea who I am apart from sending me my order; I’m not endorsing anything 🙂


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