Loves: Pink!

There was a girl I went to church with years and years and years ago.  I’ll always remember her because my sister and I always discussed (in church, no less!) that she had on pink EVERY. TIME. WE. SAW. HER.  Huh?!  Not head-to-toe.  But a definite pink theme.

Now, after so many years, I’m beginning to see the genius and the flaw in her wardrobe.  I don’t think I could live with an entirely pink wardrobe.  But if I did, it’d look a little like this…

Bobeau Stripe Bow Front Tank, Nordstrom

Black and pink?  Where do I buy?

Girls’ Layer Cake Tank, J. Crew

Ruffles and more ruffles and oh, my… I’m in love…  Currently wishing I could still wear little girls clothes…

Ballet Flats, Old Navy

But the problem is that for as much as I love pink, I would rather accessorize with pink…

Case in point:

Kate Spade New York “idiom” Medium Enamel Bracelet, Nordstrom

Hello, darling.  Your bow has won me over.

My birthday is in about a month.  I will accept any of these items as gifts and promise to not even be tempted to exchange them 🙂


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