Obsessed: Milk Glass

Set of Milk Glass Vases from Etsy.com

Is this not a lovely little collection of milk glass vases?

I truly love milk glass.  Last summer I visited the {tiny} town of Vernon, Alabama, to help my boyfriend’s parents pack up his childhood home for a move to the big {little{ city of Tuscaloosa.  Vernon is a virtual treasure trove for small town junkies like me.  They have a cute little downtown and everyone knows everything about everyone.  But my favorite part of this small town?

The Falkner Antique Mall.  My boyfriend’s great-grandfather started a mercantile store in this building.  It was the heart of the city.  They sold everything from candy to farming equipment and was even the first funeral home for Vernon!  You can read the story at the Antique Mall’s website.  But really you absolutely must go by if you’re ever in rural west Alabama.

Miss April and I took a break from packing for a visit to the Antique Mall, and now I have the itch to go back.  They have a plethora of true antiques and just good ol’ junk to choose from!  Of couse, I found some things I just couldn’t live without…

…A shabby chic window pane with peeling paint the exact same color as my Halcyon Green accents.  It hangs over my hall bench (seen in the Christmas post)

…A vintage map of Canada (all in French, no less).  I painted and distress the frame.  This is in the dining room.

…A sweet little black set of shelves for my storage-less bathroom.  Great for towels and the odd basket full of hair appliances…

But two of my favorite finds were… milk glass!

This vase is much bigger than the standard milk glass bud vase.  P.s. those pictures in the background?  My dad’s parents — my Grandmother and Granddaddy.

And this sweet little trinket box at one time had some pretty gold accents, but that has long since worn off.  It was a perfect addition to my bedside table menagerie…

Is your nightstand “user-friendly” or pretty?  Mine’s a combination of both.  The trinket boxes hold jewelry and the odd bobby pin that finds its way into the bed, and the drawers underneath hold everything else!

I’m thinking another trip to the Falkner Antique Mall will be in the works soon.  Next time I’ll be sure to take pictures before I get my lovelies home!


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