Rearranging Things

I have a confession.  I love to re-arrange things.  Furniture, artwork, pictures, clothes.  Pretty much anything I can pick up, I will move.  The boyfriend doesn’t particularly support this little habit of mine.  He likes things to stay the same.  I like to change things up so then it’s like getting new things without the extra money!

I’m planning on starting a little home-based business soon.  I’ll let everyone know when I get things up and running, but until then, let’s talk about how I’m preparing.

First, I realized I definitely need a desk.  All through college I used my mother’s hand-me-down vanity as a desk or just camped out on the couch.  Now, two years out of college, I’ve had no need for a desk.  All of my work is done, well, at work.  The extent of my computer usage is internet and photos.  But now, I need a desk.

There was this little corner of my apartment that seemed like it would be perfect.

I was standing in front of the tv to take this picture, and you can see the curtains for the french doors to the patio.  So it’s a small space in an awkward corner that collected magazines and puppy hair.
I inherited this antique sewing table from my mom and it fit just perfect…
Yes, it’s a little off-center here but that’s just because I ended up opening the top to use both sides.  The sewing machine has been removed and there’s just a lovely hole in it’s place.
So I had my “desk” and from there it was just decorating (aka: pulling things from around the house to make it pretty).
I decided a lamp would be good, so I got one out of storage (there’s no shortage of lamps around here, that’s for sure).  And I brought that sweet little trinket box I showed you the other day out of the bedroom.  He no longer holds bobby pins and wayward jewelry.  Now he holds bobby pins and paper clips.  
Every desk has to have a calendar, and mine is vintage Barbie prints that will be cut and framed at the end of the year. 
That tin on the left-hand side of the picture?  That’s full of Sharpies and pencils.  I needed something to hold my colored pens (I like to color coordinate things).  And my coffee mug from Anthropologie was perfect.
A little of this, a little of that, a small little project for the bulletin board (which I’ll detail tomorrow), and this is the end result….
Clean, simple, organized.  Exactly what I need.  And my laptop fits perfectly over the hole from the sewing machine!
In my old college cottage, I had a do-it-yourself closet organizer system, and the pieces have traveled with me from home to home over the years.  With fabric bins and some boxes, this one is perfect for stashing paper, stationery, and all other random things out of the way.  It also makes good use out of that awkward corner beside the tv.
Add the chair back, and voila!  Perfect little desk space for my new business venture!
And now that I see it in pictures, I think it’s time to start bringing another color into the house.  It’s getting a little TOO blue…

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