So yesterday I showed you my little desk fixer-upper rearranging.  And I told you I would show you my bulletin board project.  And here’s the step-by-step!

What I used:

– Bulletin board
– Open-back frame
– Glue gun
– Scissors
– Screw driver
– Shower curtain (trust me on this one)

I bought this open-back frame at Hobby Lobby for half off $25.99.  Pricey for my budget?  Yes, but I couldn’t find anything else I liked as much, so I just went with it.

It’s a 16″x20″ frame, and you’d be amazed how hard it is to find a cork board to fit.

So I found this guy at Target for $6.99, and decided to cut it to size.

Easier said than done.

I started by ripping off the border.  Again, easier said than done.  This is where the screw driver comes in.  For leverage.

It took oh about an hour.

But that wasn’t the end of this project.  The bulletin board was still too big for the frame.

So I measured twice and cut sixty-two times until I finally had something that remotely resembled a 16×20″ rectangle.  The edges were all sorts of jagged because my scissors weren’t sharp enough and I ended up using the screwdriver to cut the bulletin board down to size.  Don’t judge me.

Here’s where the shower curtain comes in.  A few weeks back when I visited my lovely sister for a girls’ day, we found this shower curtain at Target.

Home Feminine Shower Curtain, Target

At the time, my plan was to make basic elastic-wasted skirts for the two of us (because really, that’s a LOT of fabric for 20 bucks!).  Then I decided to take a little square and cover a bulletin board.

So I ironed it (*gasp* yes, I do own an iron) and cut it to fit the cork.

Then because I’m the absolute laziest do-it-yourself-er EVER, I took my handy dandy hot glue gun and glued it to the board.

For the corners, I just lopped off one side (see above)…

Fold the other corner down….

And then fold that corner up and glue.  Ta da! Corner are done (they don’t have to be perfect ’cause they’re going in the frame).

Then wiggle and worm it into the frame and you’ve got an adorable sweet little bulletin board!

Sorry for the lighting change.  Had to go outside on that beautiful day!

And this guy is perfect over my desk…

Sweet big flower brooch,  picture of me & the boyfriend, and an on-going list of paint colors I love… Inspiration!


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