So we’ve talked about my little obsession with Halcyon Green.

But if you know me at all, you know I’m never really “done” with anything.

Like the dresser that’s currently my TV stand.

Here’s the story:

The dresser was my Daddy’s growing up, then mine as long as I can remember, and it wasn’t particularly ugly, just not the wood color I would’ve picked (think walnut).  So when Sweet Sister and I were moving in together for college, she needed a dresser, this was an extra, and somehow it made it to Tuscaloosa.

I painted it cream and then added a brown glaze so that it would match her “shabby chic” room.

Then when she moved out, it was once again my dresser.  For two years, it was pretty and cream and made a great TV stand (plus, who doesn’t need extra storage space, right?!).

You can see it in the background of this picture (please overlook the mess — my best friend had decorated my apartment for my 21st birthday — yes, that was years and years ago).  That’s Isabelle being a nerd about the balloons.

But apparently that wasn’t good enough because I got a whim to paint it one day.  I headed to the Sherwin Williams store, got Halcyon Green paint (didn’t even take it home to look at the swatch), and bought paint.

Two coats later it looked a little like this….

(Hi Isabelle!  Always in the pictures….)
But I’m not a perfectly painted kinda girl (if you didn’t know that before, now you do).  So I took some brown paint and “antiqued” it…
This was the “finished” product….
Here’s a close-up of the brown on top distressing (it looks very light blue in this pic but it’s not!).
In retrospect, the handles should have been changed, but I’m lazy.  They were good enough.
But now?  Now that I’m moving into a big girl house (more on that later!) and this could possibly end up in my foyer, it needed SOMETHING.
So on the rainiest day Tuscaloosa has seen in a month of days, I decided to sand it.
Here’s what happened.
It turned GREEN and white.  Not quite what I was expecting, but I like it!  Sanded is obviously on the left.
I definitely like it better.  Like I said, it was absolutely pouring so I had to bring everything inside without finishing, but it gives you a good what it looks like now vs before picture!
Left is sanded, right is not.  And here’s a close up of the sanding
This piece is a favorite of everyone that visits (except the Boyfriend, he doesn’t much like it).  And now I think it’s one of my favorites.
Can’t wait to finish sanding it! (But my hands can definitely use the rest!).

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