Okay, so I might have maybe lied just a little bit in the title of this post.  Seriously, I’m probably one of the most un-techy people.  Ever.  But you’ll understand the lie in, oh, about 5 to 7 minutes (depending on how fast you read, of course).

I had a conversation at work today about how babies born in 2011 will never understand life without a cell phone.  I remember getting my very first ever cell phone in the ninth grade.

It looked like this.

Except that I was amazingly cool and “high tech” and had a pink faceplate cover. Just the front.

But that phone lasted a whole of less than a year before it was “outdated” and I got this lil’ gem.

And I seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever when I got a phone cover (front AND back, no less) with “blah blah blah blah” written all over it.  ‘Cause you know, in the ninth and tenth grades, all you do is talk on the phone.  Oh, wait.  No, I didn’t at all.

Anywho.  This phone was amazing! I could play snake (Ooh, do y’all remember snake?!)  And then I figured out the genius behind texting (when it took you sixteen minutes to text one letter because you had to push every button six times to get the right letter to come up and you could pretty much forget about capitalizing anything or figuring out the punctuation.  Was there even punctuation?).  And noone I knew even texted then.

See, I was totally techy before techy was techy.

But wait.  It gets better.  I remember pitching a. Fit. because I wanted a flip phone!  OOOH!  They were so cool!

So Mommy and Daddy caved, and I got this just before my senior year in high school…

Except mine wasn’t blue, it was silver.  But oh, it was so COOL!  That black and white screen, the antenna, and when I hung up on people, it was just so SATISFYING!  And the best part about it?  I bedazzled it.  Yup.  Seriously.  I had red and clear swarovski crystals absolutely COVERING that thing.  But I was a cheap do-it-myself kinda girl even back in the day, so I didn’t actually pay for a cover.   No, no, instead, I individually glued like 60000000 teeny tiny rhinestones to the front of this sucker.  And over the course of the next year, they fell off.  Slowly.  One by one.  Until I had like 6 left and FINALLY decided to take them off.

Yep, I was totally cool.

But wait, my freshman year in college, this technology changer came out…

And I had. to. have. it.  So on Black Friday my freshman year in college, me and my sweet momma and my extremely annoyed sister stood in line for THREE HOURS to get me this stupid phone.  And oh, how I loved it!  Once again, techy.  See, it had a COLOR screen.  And could play real music ringtones.  And this is when my cell phone addiction came into play full force.  No turning back now.

The Razr was followed by this guy cause it was even SMALLER and, wait for it, played iTunes.  I mean, really.  I HAD to have the phone that played iTunes (and I think I might’ve used it once.  Ever.)

Which was followed by this…

Because… well… blackberries were just cooler and I wanted the full keyboard for texting.  Seriously, at this point in my life I was the texting queen.  No, really.  From senior year in high school until about junior year in college, I texted.  I didn’t call.  Half of my relationships started and ended over texts.  Ahhhh… the good ol’ days.

Then the Pearl was stolen when I dropped in during class (true story), and I ran around like a crazy person with no phone (had to stop someone one the Quad and ask to borrow their phone because I had ABSOLUTELY no way to get in touch with anyone *WAHHHHHH*), so I got this.

And email on my phone.  And oh, bud, it. was. cool.  Looking back now, I’m think this was the biggest, clunkiest phone I ever owned.  But this was probably the one I had the longest.  From Sophomore year in college all the way until my senior year in college when…

Sweet Petunia fell out of my rain jacket pocket and died tragically in the world’s deepest rain puddle. I tried to resuscitate her.  She went in the oven at 150 for six hours.  She went in a bag of rice.  She went under the fridge and came out dusty.  Nothing helped. 

So in the “Hi, my name is Ashleigh and I have no phone because land-lines are so not cool” stage, I found this. And it was a touch screen.  And I was anti iPhone/Apple.

Really, please do not ask me what this phone is called.  All I know is it sucked.  So when my brother in law got an iPhone for Christmas, changed his mind, and offered to sell it to me for $50, I took it.

See, techy.  And this was about a year and a half ago.  iPhones weren’t exactly new.  But I had one!  Yep, techy.

And since, as you can tell by now, I have an amazing track record with taking care of cell phones, within the first two weeks of having this bad boy, I dropped it, and shattered the screen (thanks, adorably cute pink sparkly case that did absolutely nothing in the way of actually protecting anything).  So I lived with the phone with a broken screen for MONTHS until Boyfriend (who truly is the most techy person I know.  Really.) decided he wanted the iPhone 4 (ooh, back to the bar phone but this time with color screen and a compass!) and I decided I wanted one too. So we pre-ordered.  His came in first. 

And that’s how this came into my life.

We have discussed at length my obsession with phone cases.  But I would say, at this time in life, the obsession is definitely not with the phone.  The phone has become a part of me now, though.  Could I live without an iPhone (provided I had SOME phone, of course!  This isn’t exactly the dark ages.)?  Probably so.  Do I want to live without my iPhone?  Not particularly

Will I get the “new” iPhone when it comes out?  Nope.  ‘Cause, you see, I’m already techy.  And I’d really much rather put my money into new cases.

Like this.

AHHH!  It’s on sale! Off to purchase more things I don’t need.  Someone stop me?  Please?

What’s your cell phone evolution look like?  Am I the only one


One thought on “Techy

  1. Dear sister, you forgot to mention that you STOLE my iPhone upgrade so that you could have the brand new iPhone 4 (because you upgrade every time you see something new). And that's why I'm stuck with the old one.

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