Going Shopping: Leather Chairs

I have my heart set on finding fashionable leather chairs for our living room. FH has his heart set on recliners. Me, not so much, but since he’s been so sweet about letting me pick practically everything (aka: everything), I figured recliners couldn’t hurt.

Then I saw this…

And I realized something. Recliners can hurt. And that one right there hurts my heart.

But surely somewhere there has to be a pretty leather recliner that looks more like a club chair? That’s a good compromise, right?

Enter Pottery Barn and their gorgeous manhattan collection…

Oh, be still, my beating heart! I seriously lust after this furniture. Our closest Pottery Barn is an hour away, and if I had the time, I would go & just visit this recliner.

But alas, I have no time nor do I have the spare cash to fork over $2000 per recliner (we need two).

And so the hunt begins.

This one isn’t so bad. And it’s a La-Z-Boy which should make FH happy, but it seems a little too “fluffy” in the seat region (which is essentially like telling a chair it has a big butt).

This one could be a possibility in a darker leather, but the arms are too modern & boxy. I need an arm I can comfortably sit on. This is not that arm.

I’m starting to really like this one. At first I kept thinking maybe it was a little bit too “man cave-esque” to go in our living room but it just looks so comfortable. I can see myself curled up watching whatever Swamp show FH has chosen for our nightly entertainment. Mmmm… Cozy.

I have a feeling this one will be a budget-buster, too, since it’s from Thomasville, but a good recliner will last for years & should be a well thought-out purchase.

This is what I will continue to tell myself as I spent way too many hours agonizing over this decision. I can justify anything.


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