Prepping for Fall

8 yards of burlap fabric, some brown ribbon, mums, and fake pumpkins.  It’s official… Fall is here!

{Source Unknown but here’s where I found it}

I found this picture in the many many hours I spend on Pinterest, and I have to say, my handcrafted version of this will be on our door as soon as FH decides where the nail needs to go (which will probably be around Christmas).

{Again with the not knowing the source… Pinterest!}

And then, of course, there’s this…  While I’m not the biggest Halloween fan (I don’t mind some decoration but nothing scary), this is adorable!  Who would’ve thought?  Buttons on a pumpkin!

{Found on Pinterest but originally from here}

But these are so cute, too!  Good thing I bought 3 faux-pumpkins!  But can I just say, not having a Hobby Lobby nearby is cutting into my creativity — the nearest one is about an hour away!

Fall means the glorious return of cooler weather and sweaters and boots and comfy and cozy…


And I wish my fall wardrobe looked remotely this fabulous.

Goal for Fall:  look effortlessly chic.  Need:  all new clothes.

Like this…


And this…


Fall means it’s finally time for shopping.  And crafts.  And hot chocolate.  And fall festivals and Halloween costumes. And all things wonderful!  Oh, how I love Fall!

Happy Fall, y’all!

P.s. If you’re not on Pinterest yet, you really should be!  I can get lost for hours on this site with absolutely no remorse!


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