Spray Paint & Stools

Remember when I showed you our kitchen makeover and mentioned about big changes happening to the table?

Well, here’s the start of those big changes!

Instead of boring ol’ dining chairs, I decided to find some vintage drafting stools.  You know, the ones that are pretty much just a big screw and they’re so much fun to play on?

Something like this…

And I got great deal on these stools and had them shipped for minimal cost.  They were here in about a week. But the white just didn’t work with our kitchen.

So I bought a few cans of spray paint and gathered up my best painting friend…

and we went to work.  Here’s my finished stools (there are 4 of them)….

The seats are hammered copper and the legs are matte black enamel.  Spray paint makes projects easier until the wind blows black paint all over your back porch.  Then when DH comes out to visit, his feet get covered in black paint, he tracks it inside, and then gets in your white ceramic bathtub to wash his feet off.  The problem?  His black footprints are still in my bathtub.

P.s. A little sneak peek of what’s happening to the table in the next few weeks — vintage casters!


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