Sewing School: Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Under the disguise of teaching my friend Ashley to sew, I invited her over to help me make new throw pillow covers.  In actuality, I was just getting her to do all of the work.

No, no, not really.  I did cut and sew one pillow, and Ashley cut and sewed the other pillow all on her own!  I’m such a proud little teacher! (And we know exactly which one is hers because we accidentally used pink bobbin thread on one seam.  A little hint of pink never hurt anyone!)

We used a very simple envelope pillow cover like this or this or this.  And can I just say, I love having someone sew my pillows for me, but I felt bad that she put in all the work and didn’t get to take anything home.  So our next sewing lesson will be something for her, well, actually for her girls — ruffled pants!


3 thoughts on “Sewing School: Throw Pillows

  1. I don’t mind participating in slave labor as long as it’s for a good cause such as home decor. Thanks for showing me the threads, teach! Project Runway here I comeeeee.

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