Sewing School: Ruffled Pants

Since my sweet friend Ashley helped me make throw pillows for my living room, I decided our next sewing project/lesson would be pants.  Ruffled pants for her twin girls, to be exact!

Armed with a simple, elastic-waist toddler pants pattern {like this one} and two coordinating fabrics, we went to work.

Aren’t they adorable?!  Let me tell you now, TWO is a lot more time consuming than ONE!  Four hours in, we had one pair done except the ruffle, and half of the other pair done, and Ashley abandoned me!

No, really, she left.  She had to work which is a great reason to put a project on hold, but I just could not let it sit unfinished.  So I finished both pairs (ruffles and all) and took them to her that night.  It wasn’t so much a good friend move as much as it was an OCD friend move.  Plus, Ashley was having pictures taken with the girls two days later and I was determined they would wear their pants!

So so so cute!  And let’s just talk about those adorable pink boots!  Love these pants, love these girls, and love their mommy!

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