Guest Room Makeover: Chest of Drawers

I remember visiting my grandparents’ house and in their guest room was a 5 drawer chest.  Over the years, it was filled with all sorts of random things.  Tablecloths and sheets and at one point even some freeze-dried and canned food (it was right before Y2K and all that mess).

So I knew it must live in my house once they passed away.

But the problem is that it’s old.  Very very old.  Which means a slightly dated finish and a very distinct “old wood” smell.

Apologies for the slightly-in-the-middle of “before” picture.

So obviously I painted it.  Grey. The color is Rockport Grey from Benjamin Moore matched at Lowe’s in Valspar paint.

But I can’t leave well enough alone and I had to add a little gold accent.

I am so excited about how perfect it turned out (I was a little doubtful to be completely honest).  And how perfect is that hardware?

These handles were on the chest when it came to me, and while they look perfect with the grey, they obviously aren’t original.

I say obviously because there’s a random hole between the two screw holes on every single drawer.

The plan is to put this in the guest room when we re-do it.  Now all we have to do is drag it downstairs from above the garage, into the house, and up the stairs again to the guest room.  Ready?  Go!

{P.s. Linking up with The Shabby Creek Cottage’s Transformation Thursday}


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