What’s a Girl to Do

What’s a girl to do while the husband is out of town for a long weekend?  Why, paint the guest room, of course! (Secretly.  Without him knowing.) Here’s a before picture for you (please, ignore the mess on the bed.  That’s what happens when I don’t clean up before painting and everything from the floor & walls ends up on the bed).  The best I can describe the color before was roughly Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige but very very flat paint.

I went with my gut and bought two gallons of Martha Stewart’s Fledgling.  Here’s a during shot that really shows just how much lighter the Fledgling color is!

This is the best “after” shot I can get with the bed in the middle of the room, so once I arrange all of the furniture, I’ll take some better pictures.

But hooray for painting!  And sweet friends that bring over ladders for short kids like me.

And a big hip hip hooray for cookies from the package.

Yep, that’s is what this girl does while the husband is away…


3 thoughts on “What’s a Girl to Do

    • Thanks, Aunt Paulette! It’s crazy how paint completely changes a room. It’s shaping up to be my favorite room in the house (and that would never be because I poured my blood, sweat, & tears into painting it). Love you!

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