A Facelift for an Old Table

Remember this table from my kitchen makeover?

This table is special because this table has a story.  We found it in Vernon, Alabama, at the hubs’ Gran’s house.  Apparently it was his great-great-granddaddy’s work bench.  One look, and I knew this could be perfect in our kitchen.  We moved it into the house a long long time ago (read: maybe a year or so), and it’s been sitting there just waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

The problem?  The apron under the table (that’s the lip below the top) was really low, so normal people legs on top of a chair would not fit under the table.  This made for many an awkward criss-cross-apple-sauce-style dinner.

Well, a few weeks back, Hubs and his dad sanded and stained the table and added the caster wheels that you see here hanging out in my incredibly bare (and therefore HUGE) kitchen.

The casters helped bring the table up to counter height so we could use adjustable drafting stools to help fix the apron problem.  (Remember when I painted the stools?)

I picked Behr’s Chocolate semi-transparent stain to coordinate with the cabinets without being too matchy-matchy.

This was much too light with our dark cabinets.  The old wood was absolutely soaking in the stain.  So two coats of stain it was.  And we knew we had to seal the wood what with me using it as an island for baking and cooking more than as a table.

I’ll admit it, though.  I don’t know much about polyurethane (I even had to google how to spell it!), so I bought “satin”.  Let me tell you, there was nothing satin about that!  It was straight gloss and I almost cried.

But my father in law saved the day when he found matte wood sealer at our local Lowe’s!

{Sorry for the horrible iPhone picture, but I don’t ever seem to be home at a time with decent lighting (and if I am, my kitchen isn’t clean enough for pictures).}

We love our table.  The stools mean both hubs and I can comfortably eat, it’s the perfect height to gather around during football games, and most importantly, it has a story and some character.


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