Sewing for Della Grace Pt 2

I absolutely love spoiling sweet baby Della Grace (read more about my love {here}).  But even at 3 months, she’s still so teeny tiny!  Like 12 pounds tiny.  I’m pretty sure I know people who have birthed babies almost that size.

I made her a few outfits recently, but even using the smallest pattern size I have, they swallow her whole.  I hate that I didn’t get any pictures of her wearing these, but then again, she didn’t wear so much as “lounge” in them.

Looks like she’ll be rocking these duds next year!

Della Grace’s family is Auburn fans.  I’m pretty sure at one point I’ll make her say Roll Tide to just get at them, but until then, they can sleep easy at night knowing that yes, these fabrics were in my home.  And you really couldn’t ask for a cuter cross-back swing top and bloomers!

And I also made this sweet little reversible a-line top and pants set.  The pants look uneven from this angle, but I promise they really weren’t.  They were just 3 sizes too big.

Off to find a smaller pattern (if that’s possible) and get started making things that will actually fit!


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