Antiquing in October

For a small town, Tuscaloosa actually has some really good antique stores. Are some of them over-priced? Well, of course. But every now and then I plan a whole day of antiquing and end up with some amazing finds.

Last Saturday was one of those days.

My first stop was the Skyland Antique Mall. This is where I bought all of the milk glass vases for our wedding {little by little over 9 months}. They have 50+ booths and honestly, it gets overwhelming.

And then somehow you find something so small that it makes the trip worthwhile. This sign was posted next to a whole bin of old portraits. It made me giggle.

A little gem I almost couldn’t resist? This beautiful mink cape {yes, I did already post this on Instagram; apologies for the duplication}. I’m not really for furs and such, but when it’s vintage and has already been loved for 50+ years, surely it’s not bad, right? {Yes, actually, I can justify anything.}

Alas, I didn’t end up getting the cape. Really, where would I wear it?

Here’s a little peek at the one item I did purchase. A beautiful original oil painting and it’s the perfect colors for my guest room! {You’ll get to see the painting in its entirety when I finish the room. Patience is a virtue.}


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