A Day With My Friend Ashley

On Friday I got to spend a whole day with my friend Ashley.  We both had the day off work so we had a West Alabama day date.

We started at the Vernon Antique Mall {the last time I was there was over two years ago!}.

I bought these fabulous mason jars for some extra storage… You can never have too many mason jars!

And look!  I found another mink coat so very similar to the one I saw at the Skyland Antique Mall.  It’s fate!  I really really almost bought this one but I think my husband would hurt me.

How absolutely adorable is this airplane pedal “car”?  It didn’t come home with me either because, well, have no need for it {for a LONG while!}.

So with my mason jars in tow, Ashley and I headed off to Winfield to visit a fabric warehouse.

Serious country backroads.

How do you know you’re in the south?

Lots of churches.

How do you know you’re in the country?

Cow crossing signs.

Followed almost immediately by a quick stop on the side of the road for a game of Hey Cow!

I obviously won {it helps that Ashley had never played and had no idea what I was talking about}.

And then this happened.

Pizza Hut.  Yum.  {Why, yes, my friend Ashley does cut her cheesy breadsticks with a fork and knife…}

Needless to say, it was a great day spent with a great friend!  I need more days like this.


7 thoughts on “A Day With My Friend Ashley

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