Indecision is Blue

If you were to ask me what color you should paint such-and-such room in your house, it would probably take me about six minutes to tell you my opinion of the shade that would be perfect.

Not exactly as easy in my house, but I do start off knowing the feel of the color that I want if not the exact color.  And it normally takes about five minutes with three shades to narrow it down to the perfect one.  Rarely is there a ton of indecision involved.  The guest room I just painted?  I went with my gut and painted the one and only color I ever looked at.

The other guest room that needs to be painted?  Confusion and indecision.

This was my first pick.  Martha Stewart’s Winter’s Day.  Very grey-blue.

But then I got scared that it’s too dark.

So I got a sample of Benjamin Moore’s Imperial Gray.  But now I’m afraid it’s too green.

Would Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass be a better pick?

Or should I go with Sterling?  Is that too grey?

Oh, the confusion!  I know I’m probably going to end up going with my first instinct and painting Winter’s Day, but until then, I’m going to cry into some cheese dip at the local Mexican restaurant.

And yes, I do realize that they actually look almost exactly alike on the computer screen.  Don’t judge me.


3 thoughts on “Indecision is Blue

  1. Well for what it’s worth I think the Beach Glass is not as dark as the Winter’s Day but still has that grey-blue look

    • I’m leaning toward Beach Glass, too! The people at Home Depot are going to be so very tired of mixing samples for me! Thank you for your input, Aunt Paulette, — I needed a voice of reason!

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