Recovering the Dining Room Chairs

My sister-in-law gave us her dining room table.

No, seriously.  Just gave it to us free and clear (well, with the agreement that if they want it back, we give it back).

See?  It’s beautiful!  It’s an antique (naturally) and fits perfectly in our dining room!

And it’s not that I don’t like the neutral leopard print chairs.

The fabric is quite pretty; I just felt like it didn’t exactly fit what I had in mind for the dining room.

Remember when Ashley and I went and played in West Alabama a little while back?   We went to a fabric store in Winfield (they have an online store, too!).  And I bought a little under 6 yards of fabric for around $17.

This was one of those fabrics.

The plan was to strip off the old fabric and re-cover the seats, but then I found this.

Someone was serious about covering these chairs.  A line of back to back to back staples and a very impatient owner means that I stapled my fabric right over this one. {A word of advice?  Start on the sides and do each and then do the top and then the bottom.  Leave the corners til last.  And a staple gun actually takes specific size staples.  Just an FYI.}

If I hadn’t told you, you would have never known that there is currently two layers of fabric on these chairs.  And I think they look lovely.

Okay, I have to confess.  I’m fully and completely lying to you.  This is the only chair I’ve covered so far.  I wanted to make sure I liked it before committing!  Hopefully I can get to finishing the other 5 chairs this weekend….

Oh, and just so we’re clear, I took these pictures in the living room because my dining room is currently a holding room for various treasures from DH’s childhood.  Someday he’ll clean it out and someday I’ll get a rug and the day after those somedays I’ll post pictures.  Someday.


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