Wedding Confessions: 6 Months

Today is my 6 month wedding anniversary!  We have officially lasted longer than the whole Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphreys fiasco, we have not killed each other yet, and I got the most beautiful flowers as a surprise today at work.  I would say that’s a successful marriage so far, folks!

So to celebrate, I’m sharing a few little fun tidbits you might not have known about our wedding day.

1. I ate a Wendy’s cheeseburger, fries, and a frosty before the wedding.  The proof’s in the pudding.

2. Our limo driver got lost on the way TO the wedding (twice!).  My not so happy face tells the whole story.  Sorry for the grainy picture.  This is from the front of the limo with a cell phone.

3. I designed the Facebook page for Blake’s groom’s cake.  It’s printed on a sheet of frosting (Barb was so awesome to actually make this happen!).

4. We left the wedding in a 1941 Ford. With no power steering, anti-lock breaks, or windshield wipers.  It was pouring down rain.  After skidding THROUGH the first red light, our driver ran the next 20 or so we went through.  It was definitely an experience to remember!

5. We didn’t take any pictures during our wedding ceremony as a sign of respect for it being a religious service.  This is the last shot before the ceremony started.

6. I still haven’t watched more than the first five minutes of our wedding video.  I always stop it right after the vase of flowers on the alter table topples over.  Thankfully two of the groomsmen were able to scoop it up and set it right.  I had no idea this actually happened until I saw the video.  And I can’t bring myself to watch the rest.

And so today I am so very thankful for my husband (and it still feels weird to say that) who wrestles with non-pre-assembled chairs to make me happy, says “I love you more” everyday, and makes me happy when skies are grey.  Love you, love you, love you!


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