Resolutions for a New Year

I always say that I have a resolution for the New Year, and honestly, it’s very rare that they actually mean something to me.  For example, last year my resolution was to learn to like tomatoes (I decided in February because it’s never too late, right?).  Turns out, I actually like cherry tomatoes.  Success.

This year, it’s a life lesson for myself and definitely a lot more important than tomatoes or “working out”.

do it

Want to run another half marathon?  Do it.  Want to actually stick to your budget?  Do it.  Want to dare to dream and start your own business?  Do it.  Want to rearrange your living room furniture so that you can use the rug you already have instead of buying a new one?  Do it.

Nike had something going all along.  Just do it.  Stop over-analyzing.  Stop worrying what other people will think or if it won’t work.  Do it.  Try.  Succeed or fail.  At least you did it.

So what will you DO in 2013?  Feel free to take my resolution and make it yours.  Let’s see what this amazing new year brings us when we decide to DO IT.

Happy New Year, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Resolutions for a New Year

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