Rearranging Again

I have a knack for making a long story really really long so here goes.

When we first moved into our house, we had a couch and one chair in our living room.  So naturally, I situated the couch in front of the tv and a chair in the corner.

I hated it.

You can see {in this post} how the couch eventually ended up in front of the windows and we bought two chairs that took the place of the couch.

But then after a fiasco with a rug ordered on online (note to self: colors appear different on the screen!), we were in need of a rug and I hated everything I saw.

view from kitchen

So I rearranged again.  This is looking into the living room from the kitchen.  {Hi Puppy!}

view from stairwellAnd look!  Now our old rug will work, too!  Sure it may be a little small, but who exactly made up the rule that it has to be so and so big in a room?!  I won’t listen. {Hello again, Puppy!}

living room rearrange

I think somehow it’s cozier arranged this way, but honestly, in a year I’ll probably change my mind again.  Until then, I’m enjoying making old things feel new!


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