Tucker Taco Pie

Hubs and I have been blessed with the most amazing married friends.  We have a supper club and everything!  And it all started last Easter when we met our church friends — the Tuckers.

Ashlee brought over these amazing taco pies one night for dinner, and I couldn’t help but recreate them less than a week later.  They’re just that good!

tucka taco pies

It’s so easy!  A can of biscuit dough, a can of re-fried beans, a can of Rotel tomatoes and chilies, ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese.

Flatten the biscuit dough onto a cookie sheet (I used 5 biscuits).  Smear some beans onto the biscuit dough.  Brown the ground beef and then season it with the taco seasoning.  Add to top of tomatoes.  Top with cheese.  Then bake however long the can of biscuit dough says to cook.

I made some changes to Ashlee’s recipe and added the beans and tomatoes, but use whatever you’ve got on hand!  I think these would be awesome with some guacamole and lettuce on top!  Taco pie salad?  This is definitely going to happen at our house soon!


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