Upgrade the Recover

I have a special treat for you today!  A guest post from my lovely sister!  Enjoy!


Hello from me, Johnna, over at Peaceably Pretty.  I have been working on adding a little extra to each room of my house–monogrammed napkins in the dining room, paintings in the living room, a Roman shade in the kitchen, and the list goes on… The guest room was one of the easiest to be “done” because I just used all of my old college bedding and furniture, but all of the navy blue, white, and gold was beginning to feel boring.


So I found this gem on Craigslist for $30!!  The Wilmington Multi fabric I though I was going to use for living room pillows was just the vibrant pattern I needed.

IMG_3084                 100_5758

Once that was recovered, it was painful to see my vanity stool covered in a tonal blue dupioni check.


Time for an upgrade–but I have recovered this stool once before.  And I always feel like my recovering skills are kind of blah: fabric, screwdriver, batting, and a staple gun.  This time I took a tip from Prudent Baby and learned how to make double welt cord.  It is super easy to cut the strips and sew (I used clear thread), and it is attached with hot glue.  Adding this to the chair and the stool gives it a more finished look, as well as hides any teeny flaws in my DIY project!

100_5774  100_5780


Be sure to check out more of Johnna’s home updates at Peaceably Pretty (she has some pretty fabulous recipes, too)! 


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