A Southern Living Affair

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that one of my favorite magazines is Southern Living.

Southern Living March Cover

The March issue is one of my most loved to date. Look how pretty the front cover is! It doesn’t hurt that I love peonies and pink {proof}.

Southern Living Adding Greenery

This picture sent me on a wild goose chase all over town trying to find greenery for our entrance. With no luck. Hoping to make a Birmingham trip soon to pick up something since I kill any plant that tries to live in my house. It’s always a terrible accident.

Southern Living Tallulah Designs

And how has Tallulah Designs been less than an hour from me and I never knew about it?! I love everything about this dress and wish I had known about the company when I was picking bridesmaid dresses!

Southern Living Luke Bryan

Ohhh helloooooo! I can’t even lie, I swooned a little when Luke Bryan talked about his momma teaching him to slow dance in the living room. LOVE! (It’s okay. Hubs knows.)

Southern Living Southern Charm

I immediately snapped a pic of this page and sent it to my friend Ashley. It reminds me so much of her (and if she would ever get to working on that blog of hers, you would see why)! The article was stuffed full of great ideas, too!

There were also lots of recipes that I’m hoping to try soon. Lemon pork chops with quinoa salad, anyone?

And while you don’t actually have to subscribe to the magazine to see most of their amazing articles and recipes, it’s just so relaxing and refreshing to sit down with Southern Living each month and get inspired!


P.s. Southern Living has no idea who I am apart from the fact that I’m a subscriber. They didn’t pay me, bribe me, or force me to write this post. I truly just love the magazine!


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