The Stylish One

stylish stoop with logo

This is Denise.  She’s “the stylish one” of my friends.  Not that everyone else isn’t stylish.  But we all have that one friend that can make sitting on a stoop in sweltering Alabama heat look this fabulous!

Denise also sends the best thank you notes with gold foil polkadots.  And she makes Publix runs with me late at night to get all of the ingredients to make whatever recipe we think would be amazing.

baby gown for mommy to be with logo

And she lets me make adorable baby gowns for her mommy-to-be friends!

On another note, we realized this week that the grout in our tiled shower was never sealed.  Yippee.  So that’s been my project this week.  Leaving little time for cooking and crafting.  Tomorrow will be different though.  I’m baking bread!


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