Clearing the Clutter

I’m one of those people that tends to accumulate things.  Clothes, picture frames, casserole dishes {no, really, we have 3 full drawers in our kitchen}, and especially nick nacks.  If I see something shiny and pretty, I buy it even if I don’t have a specific space for it.  Sad, but it does work out in my favor when I “shop the house” to change things up.

Lately, I’ve been on a clear-out-the-clutter kick.  Cleaning closets, mostly, but the other day I cleared off all of the surfaces in our living room and only added back a few things.

piano makeover

The piano got a little makeover with some old and new books and a barnwood angel that was previously in the kitchen.

clear the clutter end table 1

Even the end tables are clear except for the pineapple lamps and a little bunch of pretty hydrangeas.  Since it’s officially spring and all.

The best part of all of this?  Taking pictures meant dusting every inch of that piano, the end tables, and the living room.

The worst part?  Finding a place for all of the things that didn’t make it back into the room…


Linking up with:  The Shabby Nest’s Frugal Friday


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