So I gave up Pinterest for Lent.  No, seriously.  I didn’t even click on any links that went to Pinterest.  The fact that this is what I chose to give up shows how amazingly addicted I was.  But it felt good to step back.  I had the chance to really connect with my husband, my friends, and do some fun new design work for the Shop.

But now, I’m baaacckkkkk!  Here’s what I’m pinning right now… {Click on the picture to see the Pin}

This, this, this and everything about this!  Beignet biscuits with praline sauce.  I can feel my thighs growing right now and it will be totally worth it!

A fabulous open and airy kitchen with just the right mix of light, dark, and colored woods.  I definitely wouldn’t mind living here!

And because my love affair with mint isn’t fizzling out anytime soon, I fell head over heels for this obre-ish, weathered wood.

pinterest logogif

If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see more goodies!


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