A Happy Wednesday

Today was a very lovely Wednesday.

williams sonoma wednesday

I had this fun surprise waiting for me when I got home from work!  Can you tell where it’s from?  Here’s a little peek inside….

red kitchen towels with logo

Dishtowels!  So exciting, right?  No, really, it is for me because these are my absolute favorite dish towels — soft but so absorbent!  We already have these in navy blue, they’re part one of my go-to gift for every wedding, and you really can never have enough!  {Find them here}

pizza pan with logo

Finally!  A pizza pan!  I make pizza about once a week {recipe coming soon!}, and hopefully this will make it easier.  Plus.  Y’all.  It’s Goldtouch.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I also got a pizza cutter {like this} but that lil’ stinker was so hard to picture! {Find it here}

cookie sheet set

If you don’t understand why I’m so crazy over Goldtouch, splurge just a little and get this set.  Two cookie sheets and a cooling rack.  You’ll never look back. This is my second set {you can never have enough cookie sheets!} and the second part of my go-to gift for weddings. {Find it here}

egg timer with logo

My husband loves boiled eggs, but I am notorious for over-cooking or under-cooking them and never getting it just right.  Enter the coolest egg-timer I’ve ever seen!  It goes in the boiling water with the eggs and changes colors as the eggs boil. Hello, perfectly hard boiled eggs and a happy husband! {Find it here}

I am so excited to play with all of my fun new things! Getting it all for “free” {by using gift cards from our wedding} was great, but ordering it Sunday and having it on my doorstep Wednesday was truly fabulous!  Hooray for FREE three day shipping!

{P.s. Williams-Sonoma has no clue who I am other than the fact that I order things from them. They didn’t pay me for this post — but I wouldn’t have turned it down!}


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