Anniversary Fun

We had the most amazing first anniversary last weekend!  Some of our fabulous wedding party people came in town and it was wonderful to have our friends all in the same place again!

new eternity band with logo

My day started off with this lovely addition to my wedding rings!  The solid band was my grandmother’s, and of course, there’s my engagement ring and now the eternity band.  Such a special way to remember our first anniversary!

me and ash annivesary with logo

Look!  My friend Ashley came by, too!  She missed our wedding to be in another wedding (totally acceptable excuse) and I’m so glad she was there to celebrate our anniversary!

cake from anniversary with logo

We had homemade pizza {the recipe will be up tomorrow!} and the top tier of our cake which was surprisingly tasty considering it’s a year old!  I can’t lie to you, I’m so glad to have this out of my freezer — it was literally taking up half of the space!

everyone at anniversary

And mean, really, y’all!  How could a table that looks like that NOT be evidence of serious fun?! {Truthfully I should’ve taken a picture of what it looked like the next morning…} And just look how happy Hubs is!  Definitely in his element playing Cards Against Humanity.

me and b on anniversary with logo

Hopefully we’ll be able to take anniversary pictures soon with the amazing EE Designs, but until then, I’ll leave you with one of probably seven pictures we have together since the wedding! Happy one year anniversary to us!


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