Vintage Juicer

My sister is such a great gift-giver.  For my wedding, she found an amazing vintage juicer at an estate sale!

vintage juicer with logo

And I’m using it for the first time ever over a year after she gave it to me!  I recently decided to try out fresh juices for recipes and this is my first attempt.  Easy squeezy (pun intended).  There are really no breakable parts which is good for me.  And not to mention this one is SO easy to clean!

Plus, with the rinds, I can make lemon vinegar for cleaning!  {Just toss the cut-up peels into a seal-able jar and top it off with white vinegar.  Close tightly and let it sit for 2 weeks.  Good to go!}  I make a mix of half lemon vinegar, half water in a spray bottle for cleaning bathrooms and kitchen countertops.  As I use up the lemon vinegar in the jar, I usually just add more white vinegar to the jar and seal it up for another few weeks.  This’ll slowly be less lemon-scented but you’ll get two or three times as much lemon vinegar out of it!


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