Summer Food

I am on such a “no-cook” summer food kick right now.  Simple cold sandwiches, salads with fruits and nuts, cold soups, and pasta salads (yes, yes, the pasta is cooked).  That’s my world of food right now.

So when my sweet friend Ashlee (not to be confused with my other friend Ashley) brought me a picnic lunch at work, my day was completely made when she pulled out this beauty.

cucumber and tomato sandwich with logo

Cucumber, tomato, red peppers and spinach in cream cheese.  Does it get any better?  Oh, wait.

cucumber and tomato sandwich 2 with logo

Piled on a bagel. Yes, yes, that is better.

Now we all know I’m not the biggest tomato fan, but this is good food y’all.  So good it was my lunch twice this week.  The best part is that cucumbers and tomatos are perfectly in season right now and readily available at our local farmer’s market!


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