Currently Using Action Verbs Part 2

It’s been 7 months or so since my last “Currently Using Action Verbs” post, so here’s a little bit of what’s been going on around here lately…

Reading: The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.   All I can say is that this is going to be life changing!  I think I’ve underlined like every other sentence.

Listening to: “Parking Lot Party” by Lee Brice.  Yes, country music.  Yes, a little redneck.  Yes, I love it!  {Hear it here!}

Stalking {aka: wanting — hint hint!}: an amazing Art Deco diamond ring like this that I found at the Antique Mall in Vernon.  This is one is pretty but doesn’t hold a candle to the one I’m obsessing over!

Buying {aka: getting now if husband will let me}: a pair of booties for Fall!  I’m so ready for a chill in the air and  football season and cold-weather clothes!

todo list greek key notepad

Writing: to-do lists of things to we need to get done before football season.  Outdoor tv anyone?!  {Also, this adorable Greek Key notepad is available HERE in the fiftyfive18 shop!}

Praying: for our amazing new Sunday school class!

Planning: our dinner menus for the next three weeks.  Work is about to get busy y’all.  If it can be made in the crockpot, we will be eating it.  Suggestions are welcome.

Pretending: I’m actually going to clean out my craft closet {I truly can’t get rid of anything in there!  What if I need that 2-inch fabric scrap in three years?!  My husband doesn’t understand this side of me. Neither do I.}

So what’ve you been up to lately?  Let me know {and give me a good crockpot recipe!}.


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