Standby Sickness Remedy

Without fail, I get sick twice a year.  It’s usually February/March and November/December.  Of course this is all due to the fact that I’m allergic to every type of flower and grass and tree known to man.  No, really.  Especially pine which means Christmas trees.  So fun.

This year, though.  What is up with this weather?!  Y’all, it is COLD (ish) in August in Alabama!  And my allergies are going crazy.  So in an attempt to kick this sickness, my new best friend is tea.

pomegranite blueberry tea

Blueberry pomegranate green tea in an adorable little white teacup.  It has antioxidants which apparently help your immune system.  Regardless, it’s my go-to feeling sickly remedy simply because it makes me happy {and it makes me feel slightly British to be “taking tea”}.

Please say a little prayer for me this week because this is the busiest two weeks I have at work at I need to be at 100%.

P.s. Like my chalkboard serving tray?  I got bored a few weekends ago and painted it.  Someday I’ll buy some chalk and actually write pretty things on there.  Until then, it’s a perfect backdrop for pictures.   Like the new pictures I took last week for the Shop.  Go see!


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