Do It Revisited

Do y’all remember my New Year’s Resolution?


Do. It.  Anything.  Everything.  Things I’ve always dreamed of.  Things I’m a little scared of. {Like ending sentences with prepositions…}

In February, I took a deep breath and opened my very own Etsy shop.  Graphic design makes my heart happy.  And sending out each little package from the Shop makes my even more happy because I know it’s on its way to make someone else happy, too. Happy happy happy.

Another thing I’ve been “doing” is writing monthly goals for myself.  September is a doozie.  10 personal goals with deadlines this month… It’s a good thing I’ve got a long weekend or two in there!

And this whole “do it” thing means that I’m ready to make some changes at fiftyfive18.  The first step was purchasing {no more for this girl!}.  The next step is self-hosting the blog.  Eek!  This may not mean much to you and honestly, it’s still a little over my head, but this is a pretty big deal.  While most of what you see won’t change except for a color here and there, big things will be going on in the background.  One thing you will notice, though, is no more ads when you visit from a mobile device.   Hooray!

So bear with me for a little bit while this new project takes over some of my time.  And if the site goes down, I’m so sorry!  But it won’t be down for long and in the meantime you can make these cookies to take to your neighbor or your grandmother or your grandmother’s neighbor.  Trust me, that’s on my list of things to do, too!

P.s. Find fiftyfive18 on Facebook, too!


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